• Carrie Marchant

    Carrie Marchant

    LMFT Provisional

    I have worked primarily with youth and their families for well over 20 years, helping them learn emotion control, effective communication skills and conflict resolution, and how to deal with other problematic issues as a criminologist. Families oftentimes find themselves needing more help than ever when dealing with youth who are in their turbulent teenage years. My specialty has been with youth of all ages, but especially teens, and their families. My real goal as a provisional therapist is to help bring peace and hope to families who have experienced trauma and feel hopeless.

    My interest in becoming a therapist was peaked because I had a tremendously positive experience with teachers, counselors, and others in the people-helping industry who made a vast difference in my life as an adolescent. I also had an incredibly therapeutic experience that impacted who I am today. I understand it takes courage to open your wounds and share your trauma with a stranger. I am a provisional therapist with whom you will feel safe and comfortable because I am empathetic, compassionate, warm, and nonjudgmental.

    I want to create a safe space for you, so you look forward to joining me on your journey toward restoration and peace. I want to spark positive growth within, and go with you on a powerful, healing, and revitalizing journey where you receive the support you need. Give me a call! I’m excited to start the voyage with you!

    Trained or Certified in:

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    Narrative Therapy
    Active Parenting

    *Currently in training for Dialectical Behavior Therapy