• Dustin Peters

    Dustin Peters

    I am a Marriage and Family Therapist who completed my Master’s degree through Liberty University. I have spent my life working with people on various levels in various capacities. I am very excited about this chapter of my life to which I look forward to learning and growing for many years to come.

    While I look forward to working with individuals and children my primary focus when entering the counseling profession was marriages and couples. Over a decade ago I saw the impact of effective counseling in my own personal life and aspire to help others find the same hope that I did. It was an experience that improved every aspect of my life and knows that it can do the same for others as well.

    My desire is to come alongside individuals in a warm, open, nonjudgmental way that helps them to feel comfortable in discussing whatever may be keeping them from reaching their full potential. To be present during the dark times, to listen when no one else understands, or to help facilitate focus during life’s changes. Whether it is conflict in a relationship, difficulties with mental health concerns, or difficulty with a major life change I promise to give you my best if given the opportunity to work with you.

    If you are ready to take the next step to facilitate positive change in your life please consider calling or emailing me and we will get started as soon as possible.